Thank You, My Love

For the hundred times you’ve helped me A million “thanks” are due, But how I wish that I could give A million “thanks” and two.

A million “thanks” and two? No way! Impossible a hill to climb. Impossible, yes, but try, no doubt. To concede would be a crime.

One way; I say another “thanks”. It would fill my life with glee. The clause, the crux, élan vital. May you fall in love with me?

And to top it off, a million-two. Our nuptial committal lament. A “thank you” dear for sticking through Love’s last mortal moment.

But more thanks, still, would you deserve: A million moments shared. For those subtle occasions when You really showed you cared.

And now a billion and two times I wish to say “thank you”! But alas, Two million and two will have to do.

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